We restore muscle cars! No mundane general transportation. We are not a collision shop that tries to restore a musclecar "on the side". Occasionally we'll work on some other neat stuff, as some of our photos will show, but we are musclecar owners and enthusiasts. Mopars are our passion.

    Our attitude is keep it simple. This means almost all work is done in house, from stripping and media blasting, to metal work and repairs, to paint and assembly. Each project is done to the owners specifications and standards. Many projects are just "body and paint" with the owner opting to do the final reassembly. Customized projects are also treated enthusiastically.

    Generally we work on 4 or 5 cars at any given time. Usually one is just starting as one is almost completed. This mini "assembly line" helps avoid delays by having 3 or 4 cars waiting to be painted at the same time. This also means that there usually is a waiting list to start, so plan accordingly.

    We endeavour to keep things "down to earth" and have a common sense approach to tasks at hand. Ninety five percent of our customers are word of mouth referrals!